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i've told ev'ry lil star...

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you look like a slut

i like the big close up of you
very nice pictures
thankyou sweet
no problem


April 25 2004, 18:07:02 UTC 12 years ago

you look like a man
thats because im a crossdresser
Ooh, very convincing. Your pictures remind me of a friendly parade. Very nice.
you look like michael alig!
how hot!
sooo cute!
The big picture of you is really hot! You look lovely in all the pics though
aw thankies


October 2 2004, 03:59:45 UTC 12 years ago

you're beautiful.
well honey you look like fugly-disgusting-ass-shit as a girl

however...being the amazing artist that I am I noticed you've got some fucking amazing facial proportions and have decided that you'd be fucking gorgeous as a guy.

So yeah...ditch the blush and bad eye shadow job cuz you look like a fucking clown but keep the eyeliner and who might give ole Davey Havock a run for his money.

Your hot.
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