Cheap/Fucking/Superficial (culture_doll) wrote in prettybabys,

and the sky lit up......

we want to know a little bit about you for our files...

this community is composed of the following elements:::

beauty; decadence; LA; riot grrls; pretty boys; glitter sores; 'We Care'; excess to the max; 0-800s; anus waxing; 30s-icons; kids with cigarettes; 50s closets; film noir; industrial taping; beautiful freaks; junkie kisses; razorblades; candles; candle wax; carving; cutting; mutilation; losers; retards; freaks; Audrey Hepburn; stacking it; XfagXcoreX; riots; punks; heroin; ethereal sex; pottymouths; my boudoir; Detroit; cadillacs; dollys; skin flowers; flesh wounds; my disordered weight; drugs, vegas, rock and ruin; lazy ways; vaseline; the butterfly collection; my silent undoing; freakshows; magic; All-American Suburbia; wholesale meats; electroluxury and, of course, cock.

throw a little glitter on your hunchback and come dancing, honey.
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